What About Sizing Mens Wedding Rings.



Ring size is very important. There is no particular science to it
though. When you are visiting the Jewellers website have a look to see
if they have any special forms to fill in with your requirements. If
they do they will have some information there helping you decide on the
details that they require.

If not then you can easily make your own measurement. Just take a piece
of (non stretchy) string and put it around the finger your ring will go
on. Pull it as tight as you would feel is as tight as you want your
ring to feel. Mark a point where the string comes together and then
take the string off and measure the length between the two marks. Give
this measurement to the jeweller.

When doing your string measurement bear a couple of things in mind.Your
finger size varies with heat and cold. Don’t measure just after a
shower for example, or when you have just come inside from a very cold
day. The evening when the inside temperature is normal is a good time.

An alternative method is to go to your local shops and try on a few
rings and get your size in the process. Avoid buying there though,
although they will of course encourage you to do so, as it should be
much cheaper buying online through any of our recommended online
Jewellers. Some online Jewellers prefer that you do this as it can be
more accurate than the string method. check with the jeweller with whom
you are doing business which method they prefer.

Note that different countries have different ring sizing methods so
don’t assume that if you bought a ring in one country you can just
provide that ring size to a jeweller in another.