Wedding Cakes

Everything and anything about Wedding Cakes in a blog! is an online blog that offers almost all of the information you need about wedding cakes. If you are getting ready to plan and prepare for a wedding, it is probably best to get to know the 101 of wedding cakes, as with most wedding receptions, this is one of the centre pieces (of course, the main focus are still on the bride and groom), but the wedding cake is whats anticipated by children and guests of course, even if they dont want to admit it.

If youre completely blind about what wedding cakes are, the blog will teach you everything from the basics: the names of wedding cakes to the types there are and to how you can make it yourself at home! Everything is written in an organized manner where you can easily navigate through them. The site is also a blog format, so of course they will be updating the content from time to time.

This is ideal because you will be up to date with the latest out there along with some entertainment reading of new fresh articles.

What is the difference between wedding cakes and birthday cakes? Of course they are decorated differently, wedding cakes are more fancier with tedious and detailed decorations, while birthday cakes are pretty basic design in general. Wedding cakes also cost much much more because of this compared to birthday cakes, but its worth the investment, its not like they need to be annually. Another main difference that you might want to know is about wedding cake themes, wedding cake toppers, icing and of course the names, so you know how to identify each different type. Of of these topics are explained in blog.

Since reading can be a bit dry and isnt as comprehensive as the pictures itself, this blog offers a glance at pictures of wedding cake designs and types. This is ideal for beginners since they are most likely to know how they want their cake to look like, but not the ingredients and technical name for them. Knowing this and being able to identify them will make the planning process with your baker much more easier and stress-free as there are also millions of other things that are being prepared at this time.

If youre not a beginner or just simply prefer to personalize your own wedding cake, this blog offers great wedding cake recipes! There are a variety of recipes that you can chose from along with instructions on how you can decorate them to look pretty. They will have everything ready for you including the recipes for the filling and icing. You can completely decide, pick, mix and match what you want for your cake, bake and create the best combination to fit the rest of your wedding reception idea. What is more better than to tell your family and friends that your beautiful wedding cake was baked and designed by you? is a great resource for all stages of knowledge about wedding cakes, so be sure you bookmark the page because you never know when you or one of your friends or family members will be having a wedding!.