Silver and Sterling Silver.



Silver Wedding rings have been popular for some time for men, although a fine Platinum ring is, we believe, equally appealing.

Silver is very like gold in that it is a very soft metal which in its pure form is not really suited to nmaking jewellery.

For that reason you are more likely to see the term “sterling silver”.
Again like gold this is because it is alloyed (mixed) with other metals to produce a product that suits jewellery making. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.

Whereas the price of gold is primarily a factor of the gold content, the price of silver jewellery is more determined by the amount of work which has gone into making the piece.

You will usually see a mark such as “sterling”, “sterling silver” or “.925” on real sterling silver.

Do I have a Silver allergy?
Most commonly allergic reactions to jewellery are a result of nickel in the ring. Sterling silver does not have nickel so that isn’t a problem.
But it is still possible to get a staining of the skin from a silver ring. This can be a greeny or a black colour.This is a reaction between the acids in your skin and the silver causing oxidation.

It usually has no health consequences and is just a matter of whether or not it bothers you to see it.

But notithstanding it is possible to get a rash. This is not common and is usually not serious. Often it can be caused by other things such as dishwashing liquid trapped behind the ring when doing the dishes. Take the ring off if this is a problem.

If you do feel that the ring is causing a reaction don’t hesitate to contact the jeweller. If necessary and if you have selected a reputable company you should return the ring. This is unlikely.

Care and cleaning of your Silver Wedding ring.
As a wedding ring is worn all the time it is usually not necessary to worry too much about cleaning. But if you do take it off be aware that silver can react to household chemicals lie ammonia or bleach. Do not expose it to any of these.

It can also react to chlorine so take it off in the pool.
If it is tarnished it can be cleaned using a polishing cloth or a liquid silver cleaning paste.