Wedding Venues


Organising a wedding is no easy task, especially when it comes to choosing among thousands of beautiful wedding venues where you might hold your ceremony and reception.

In fact, the act of getting married does not sound that scary to bride-to-be’s, who have to deal with major problems, such as making a list of suitable wedding venues and picking the one that best mirrors their chosen wedding theme.

There are many types of wedding venues that you, as a bride-to-be, can choose from. Visiting all the wedding venues in town, however, does not sound like a brilliant idea, which is why I suggest you hire a qualified wedding planner, who, being experienced and trained to make your wishes come true, will make a selection of the wedding venues you might find interesting.

However, a wedding planner is a professional who get paid to organize and give advice, so don’t expect him to make decisions, because you are the only one who can do that. That means that he might show you dozens of potential wedding venues, but things won’t move on unless you and your fiancé give the last stamp of approval.

In the first place, I suggest you discuss with your partner about the wedding details. Do you have a particular theme in mind? What kind of wedding venues suit your chosen theme?

There are, for example, country wedding venues, luxury wedding venues, outdoor wedding venues, indoor wedding venues, spacious wedding venues, intimate wedding venues, pre-decorated wedding venues and wedding venues to create and prepare from scratch.

It all depends on how much effort you are willing to put in decorating your chosen venue and, should you have other important things to do, you can still hire a wedding planner who will take care of everything for you.

If you love nature and would like yours guests to enjoy the delicious curses you and your loved one have personally selected for them in a place surrounded by trees and hills, perhaps close to a nice cottage where you might spend the night, you had better start searching for wedding venues in the nearest countryside.

If, on the other hand, you are one of those elegant and demanding brides who want to leave everyone breathless, simply Google “luxury wedding venues – your place of residence” and you will finds lots of luxury wedding venues in your area, including 5 star hotels, castles, imposing mansions et cetera.

Such wedding venues, though, happen to be quite expensive, even if you rent them only for a day, so if you have a low budget to stick to, you had better move on to the next category.

Intimate weddings are usually preferred by celebrities and popular people who want to enjoy the company of their family and close friends on their wedding day. If you want to organize an intimate wedding, your guest list will probably be quite short.

Couples who feel like inviting no more than 40 people have a wide range of wedding venues to choose from, including beach wedding venues, cottages, hotels and, of course, exotic wedding venues. In fact, if they can manage to increase their budget, they might fly their guests somewhere sunny and get married on the beach, for example. However, if a couple are interested in destination weddings, with millions of breathtaking wedding venues in France, Italy, England, Brazil and Bahamas, just to name a few, they will be spoilt for choice.