Wedding Photography


Wedding photography is a part of your wedding that you should not overlook. Now, because weddings one in a lifetime events, it goes without saying that wedding photography is very important and those photographers who practice it shouldn’t improvise.

When it comes to selecting a wedding photographer, you can not afford to be superficial. You have to meet the photographer, makes sure that he takes wedding photography seriously, that he has experience and is passionate about wedding photography.

Why is experience so important when it comes to wedding photography? Well because if the photographer has already worked for other couples, he will surely have a few sample albums to show you, so that you can understand what type of wedding photography he is specialized in.

Wedding photography is, in fact, a real art, and, as such, it implies the knowledge of certain techniques. Wedding photography is all about catching the right moments and take photographs that look as natural and spontaneous as possible.

After all, nobody wants to keep an album full of fake smiles and artificial poses.

Consider that there are many forms of wedding photography, so you had better gain familiarity with most of them before making a choice.

There are traditional wedding photography, contemporary or fashion wedding photography, alternative wedding photography and reportage wedding photography, also known as photojournalistic wedding photography.

Traditional or classical wedding photography is probably the least trendy form of wedding photography. Shortly speaking, it consists of posed pictures and portraits, which most people find quite boring and predictable. Wedding guests obviously hate traditional wedding photography as they are continuously asked to hold poses and smile for the bride and groom. My advice is: avoid this type of wedding photography, as the final result will be a banal wedding album and many bored guests.

Contemporary or fashion wedding photography is all about finding the right lighting and making sure that the settings respond to certain criteria. The main problem with contemporary wedding photography is that it can not really be defined, as it is a dynamic form of wedding photography that changes continuously. As the fashion changes, fashion wedding photography changes with it, which means that your photos will look outdated

a few years down the line.

Contemporary wedding photography, however, is meant to portray the bride and groom in an idealized setting, as if they came out of a fashion magazine. When practiced properly, fashion wedding photography can really produce amazing results, so keep it into account if you are into fashion magazines, but do not forget to find a photographer who is very, very good at it.

Reportage wedding photography, or photojournalistic wedding photography is the form of wedding photography that most couples choose because of the natural and spontaneous photographs it produces.

Photojournalistic wedding photography aims at producing a story of your wedding day. You will not have to hold poses all day, as the photographer will stay in the background most of the time. That is why those who practice photojournalistic wedding photography are often referred to as “reporters”. At the end of the day, you will have a beautiful storybook to show to your friends, family and, one day, to your children.

Here is a small piece of advice for all couples: stay away from black and white wedding photography. Many couples have regretted having chosen this type of wedding photography, as colors can be desaturated, but they can not be brought back.