How Do I Select An Online Merchant?



There are very good online merchants (Jewellers), BUT (that’s a big but) you need to find them. DON’T just assume that anyone you can find on the internet who offers to sell you mens wedding rings can be trusted. That doesn’t mean that they can’t, just don’t assume.

There are a few things we would like to see before we decided to deal with anyone to buy a man wedding ring. This is by no means an exhaustive list but it’s a good start. Read our article about who are our recommended jewellers, and why.

A professional website. If the website looks like it was designed in the back of a jeep then beware. Online Jewellery is a BIG business and the good reputable Jewellers are large companies with substantial resources. Enough to pay for professional website development. This is an “it looks fishy” warning.

As you will be giving them your personal details you should see a privacy policy. As you will be dealing with them commercially you should see terms of use or legal details.

Contact details. At a minimum you should see contact details. You should be able to email them, and get a reply. You should be able to ring them and get an answer. If there is no email or phone number beware.

Don’t try to ring them to order your man wedding ring as it is easier (and can be cheaper) to do online but by all means ring them to satisfy yourself.

That applies to people anywhere. There is no reason why, if you live in Ireland and want to deal with a company in the US or Australia, that you still can’t ring them. Don’t assume though that you can ring them at lunchtime, and that if there is no answer they must be shady. Remember time differences. Expect them to be contactable during normal working hours in their country.

Many online jewellers are regular Jewellers with a street address which is often included in the website details. This is also reassuring, and you could jump onto an online phonebook and confirm their real address if you want.

The bottom line is, there are some companies we would not deal with. There are also some which we would deal with without hesitation, with as much confidence as we would deal with some offline jewellers (and not all of them either) In fact we would deal with our recommended online jewellers with MORE confidence as they are also likely to have much better prices.