Do I Really Need a Wedding Ring?


For a woman it is less likely that she will need to actually consider whether or not she would like a wedding ring to celebrate the fact that you have both decided to formalise your relationship by getting married.

Often she will be planning her engagement ring and wedding ring from the moment you both agree that you will marry, maybe she has even spent quite some time before that thinking about it.

But for a man it is often the first time he has considered wearing a man wedding ring, and so can be more threatening!

Usually there is no question of the man wearing an engagement ring as this is rare (but certainly not unknown). However it is now very common for men to wear mens wedding rings.

There are many things to think about. Many men have never worn any jewellery before, or if they have they may not have worn a ring.
What does it feel like to wear a ring? The best way to find out the answer to that is to buy a cheap simple ring and wear it for a while if you are concerned.

The reality though is that after a short while a man rarely notices a man wedding band, even if he has never worn one before.

But even so there are some other things to think about.
In some jobs, for example, a ring can be dangerous. It can catch in machinery. Fingers have been lost this way.

It is, however, usually a simple matter to overcome this type of problem.

If it is a problem then get into the habit of taking the ring off before work, it won’t take long before this becomes second nature.
Ultimately the decision about whether or not a man will wear a mens wedding band comes down to personal preference. Does the couple feel it will be something that would be important to them?

Some women feel more comfortable knowing that if they are prepared to wear a symbol publicising the fact that they have chosen to marry then their man has also decided that he is prepared to make this public statement.

For other women it is an essential part of their man’s commitment. It is often a symbol of the equality expected by women in a modern relationship.