Celtic Wedding Rings for Something Quite Unique.


Celtic Wedding Rings are named after the Celtic tribes who lived all over
Europe but primarily in the UK and Ireland (as they are now). In
Ireland particularly Celtic traditions are very strong and Celtic Wedding Rings
are popular.

Celtic rings are very wide and distinctive, often being up to 9mm wide.
This gives them a strong chunky look which suits a man and also gives
plenty of ring room to put on some classic and interesting designs. If
you are thinking of getting a man/woman Celtic wedding ring set then it
would be wiser to get a narrower ring for the woman.

Celtic Wedding Rings come in a variety of materials, the traditional being
gold, including white gold and rose gold, and silver. Often a
combination of these materials is used to give a unique two tone look.

The designs can range from relatively plain right up to a highly
decorative look.They are often traditional Celtic symbols with
traditional meanings which are derived from traditions from thousands
of years ago. Many of these symbols can be found on ancient rock
carvings which are very old.

Celtic Weddding Rings are often decorated with designs of woven ropes which
weave in and out of each other making a striking pattern. Often the
ropes entwine to produce other patterns such as hearts.

Claddagh rings are a specific Celtic ring style which dates back to the
16th Century when an Irishman called Richard Joyce from Galway was
captured and traded as a slave in the West Indies. He was ultimately
given his freedom and returned to Ireland to live in Claddagh. He later
started designing rings which got the name Claddagh rings.

The Claddagh community is a very small one and is really the only one
in the world which can claim to have it’s own ring style unique to that

Claddagh rings recognise friendship and love and are very popular, with
many different designs. The Claddagh ring was used by people in the
Claddagh community as a wedding ring and Claddagh rings are still used
worldwide in this way today.

Celtic Wedding Rings make wonderful rings and are well worth considering.

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